Coatings Designed to Limit Condensation and Thermal Bridging, Combat CUI and Provide Personnel Protection

Tnemec's fluid-applied, thermal insulating coating, Aerolon, offers protection that combats deficiencies found with conventional insulation, and can be applied in areas where these traditional installations are problematic. Aerolon is the only coating on the market that utilizes Tnemec’s time-tested coatings technology and the world’s best insulating solids to create an ultra-efficient, corrosion-resistant film that provides a variety of benefits, including resistance to corrosion under insulation (CUI), worksite safety and protection, and thermal break and condensation control.To learn more about the benefits of Aerolon, and to request free samples, click the buttons below.

Condensation Control



Thermal Break Protection

Aerolon提供thermal stability and controls condensation on steel and concrete building components, such as relieving angles, lintels, cantilevered beams, canopies and balconies. Aerolon can be applied in-shop or onsite, giving specifiers and applicators a more flexible and effective option to combat thermal bridging. Get information and request a sample by clicking below.



Effectively controlling thermal exchange at the substrate surface is a major advantage in preventing work-related, contact-burn accidents, as well as resulting injuries. Just one coat of Aerolon provides enough protection to well exceed specified standards and can create a 5-second “safe touch” burn protection barrier. Contact your local representative for a demonstration or more information.


Limiting CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

The Aerolon coating system starts protecting high-impact CUI areas from the moment the prime coat is laid down. Aerolon helps eliminate the problems associated with CUI by bonding directly to the substrate – even on hard-to-insulate areas, like valves and flanges – and limiting corrosion-causing condensation and water ingress often found underneath insulating materials. Start protection your facility by contacting your local representative today.



Part of a complete coatings system – that also includes specialty primers and topcoats – Aerolon exhibits superior adhesion and protects infrastructure in a variety of ways. Ideal for coating pipes, valves, tanks, and structural steel, its thermal properties post more efficient R- and K-Values than other thermal insulating coatings and similar values to conventional materials such as polyurethane foam and mineral wool.

In side-by-side comparisons, Aerolon’s protective characteristics represent a more effective solution than virtually all other available options. And when applied in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, water treatment plants, on architectural steel or storage tanks, Aerolon provides a viable solution to combat thermal issues and corrosion at the same time, preventing many common problems in these environments.


这些下一级的热绝缘产品提供了防止冷凝,CUI和热桥梁的保护。Aerolon的多重好处提高到提供可行解决方案的性能水平 - 在每件外套中提供创新。188bet备用网

AWWA D102 Explained

We can help determine your lowest life cycle cost.

Tnemec can provide owners and engineers with tangible evidence of coating service life.

Condensation Control

Condensation Problems? No Sweat.

Aerolon gives owners and engineers the ability to control condensation on pipes, valves and water tank interiors.

Sustainable Building

Need Coatings for LEED Projects?

Tnemec offers a long list of low VOC coatings built to protect sustainable structures.

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