Pipeline Coatings

Advanced Coating Protection for Industrial Pipelines

Pipelines need to stay protected from the moment each pipe is fabricated to the moment they're taken out of service. The long lifecycle of an oil and gas pipeline requires high-performance protection from coatings that are reliable and proven to guard the assets from abrasion, permeation and, most importantly, corrosion.

For all pipeline projects in the United States, Tnemec Company, Inc. is now the exclusive distributor of coating products fromICAT Industries Inc. ICAT is a leader in the development and manufacturing of specialized coatings for buried and offshore pipeline systems. Manufactured in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, these products are utilized worldwide and proven to perform in the field in almost every condition.

Aside from ICAT coatings, Tnemec offers other coating solutions for pipelines in industrial service, including Series 425 Epoxoline ARO and Series 431 Perma-Shield PL. Learn more about Tnemec and ICAT products below or contact your local Tnemec representative for quotes, application or specification assistance.

For ICAT inquiries outside of the U.S., contact the ICAT team directly by visitingicatindustries.comor calling +1 705-739-0445.

Tnemec in the Oil & Gas Industry

Tnemec has supplied coatings to the oilfield since the early 1920s, when Tnemec founder, Albert C. Bean, Sr., started selling his patented rust-inhibiting primer for ferrous metals through major oilfield supply houses across the nation. Since then, Tnemec has developed protective coatings for every surface encountered in the oil and gas industry. With high-performance always at the forefront, Tnemec offers products for almost any substrate that requires additional protection.

  • Featured Pipeline Coatings

    • ICAT FC-210

      FC-210 is a plural-component polyurethane coating system that provides corrosion protection for girth welds on steel pipe. Its high abrasion resistance, coupled with outstanding adhesion and water impermeability, make it a superior choice for pipe protection. This product can be applied in temperatures as low as 23 F (-5 C).


    • ICAT CEL-375

      CEL-375 is a two component, 100% solids epoxy coating for girth welds which may be applied directly to steel. It exhibits excellent adhesion and immersion service properties. Application temperatures range from 32 F to 212 F (0 C to 100 C).



      A 100% volume solids Abrasion Resistant Overcoat (ARO) system designed as a protective topcoat for fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) during directional- and thrust-bore drilling and other severe abrasive pipeline applications.


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