Find out which water tank coating system will offer the lowest life cycle cost

选择圣的涂料体系的过程eel water tank is often completed purely based on opinions regarding capability. These recommendations can be limited in scope. But with the gathered data from the newly published paper,"Separating Fact from Fiction: AWWA D102 Coating Service Life,"selecting the right coating system with the lowest life cycle cost can be much easier.

AWWA D102 provides no guidance on which coating system is best, but does suggest the consideration of both site specific conditions and life cycle costing before choosing your system. To this end, the findings from "Separating Fact from Fiction" can provide owners and engineers with tangible evidence of coating service life – and the life cycle costs associated with each system – based on real-world case histories of water tanks coated with products from a variety of coating manufacturers.

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Using the paper's data, the work of previously published (and widely referenced) papers, and the experience of Tnemec's technical team, tank owners and operators can get a better prediction on estimated service life, and corresponding life cycle costs, for each system listed in D102-21 – and what that means for their asset management plan.


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Separating Fact from Fiction: AWWA D102 Coating Service Life

Presentation Overview:

The decision making process behind the selection of a coating system for the interior or exterior of a water tank is no easy feat. Considerations include owner needs for longevity and asset management in addition to the condition of the asset and the projected service life of the available new coating system.

Many coating manufacturers produce a wide range of products with varying levels of performance. The coating systems outlined in AWWA D102 Coating Steel Water-Storage Tanks make up seven (7) exterior and six (6) interior coating systems. These systems reflect thirteen (13) unique coating systems which vary in chemical nature and intended performance.

选择圣的涂料体系的过程eel water tank is often completed purely based on opinions regarding capability. These recommendations can be limited in scope.

A collection of multiple industry opinion papers, approximately 180 North American water tank case histories and various testing results are used in conjunction to establish an estimate on AWWA D102 coating system service life. This data driven approach is achieved by reviewing documented case histories combined with comparative performance testing.

After reading the paper, it is hoped that the reader will have a general understanding of the AWWA D102 coating systems, how data should be used in forming a consensus on coating performance and predicted service life, how to use a life cycle analysis as a tool for asset management and why testing to confirm performance capabilities is critical.

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